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Winnipeg Wolves Basketball Club Mission

  • To provide student athletes with a positive atmosphere and opportunity to compete at an elite level

  • To provide the student athletes opportunities to progress as individuals on teams so they may reach their full potential

  • To provide coaches with opportunities to coach dedicated basketball players at an elite level

The Winnipeg Wolves have operated since 2006 as an elite program in the province of Manitoba. Wolves founder and Canada Basketball Hall-of-Fame member, Martin Riley, initiated the club to create a competitive, intense learning opportunity for athletes interested in competing at a high level. In 2019/2020, the Wolves operate female 15U and 17U teams, and male 14U and 17U teams. The cross-cutting organizational goals are to:

  • Promote strong team values and a team first concept

  • Teach the value of hard work

  • Teach respect on and off the court

  • Provide each athlete with the skills and opportunity to succeed

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