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BBALL Nationals Partnership

BBALL Nationals originated in 2016, developed by an experienced team of elite coaches and administrators with a common goal - to improve the existing model for club basketball in Canada. With the generous support of the Langley Events Centre, BBALL Nationals has grown rapidly over the first three years, hosting more than 110 boys and girls teams in the summer of 2019. The Winnipeg Wolves Basketball Club shares this common goal and is committed to forging partnerships across Canada to pursue it. The Winnipeg Wolves organization is proud to partner with BBALL Nationals to: 

  • Grow and promote club basketball culture in Canada

  • Develop a nation-wide standard for all club basketball events

  • Establish a cooperative network of clubs, athletes, coaches and officials

  • Promote and facilitate cross-province competition

  • Provide exposure and resources for young athletes looking to further their basketball careers in U-Sports or the NCAA

Canada is a large country. One of the challenges is attracting club teams from across the nation. BBALL Nationals has had tremendous success doing this, but the aim is to enhance regional representation even further to make BBALL Nationals a true Canadian Club Basketball Championship. 

The Winnipeg Wolves - BBALL Nationals partnership is designed to attract Prairie and Northwestern Ontario regional club teams to the idea of participating in a National Club Basketball Championship by producing a regional structure with event standards similar to the BBALL Nationals. Any team may enter the BBALL Nationals, so the Wolves Spring Challenge is not a qualifying event. However, Wolves Spring Challenge 13U, 15U and 17U female divisional champions will be offered a financial incentive to travel to the 2020 BBALL Nationals. This is intended to enhance the national footprint of BBALL Nationals as a unifying Canadian club basketball championship tournament.

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