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Information for Spectators

Our goal is to create competitive divisions that allow players to push themselves and be pushed. We want our own club teams and all players in our extended basketball community to experience skills development, teamwork, networking, friendships and all other benefits derived from high-level competition. It's a privilege for all players to perform before their friends and family and spectators love watching their players! The Chaos Spring Club Kickoff therefore strives to create an atmosphere for all to enjoy while at our venues. Here are some details that may be helpful:

VENUES: The tournament will be held at two Winnipeg varsity school gymnasiums in the eastern, Transcona area of the city - Transcona Collegiate Institute and Murdoch Mackay Collegiate. There is plenty of free parking at each site. For more information about the venues, please click here.

ADMISSION: There will be a tournament pass for all spectators over the age of 12. Passes can be purchased in advance, using a credit or debit card, by clicking here or on the orange button below. Passes will also be available at each venue for $10 cash. All passes are valid for the entire tournament at all facilities.

CONCESSION: Each venue will have a concession area offering coffee, soft drinks, snacks and homemade baking and lunch plates. There will be some good food, especially around lunch time, so bring your appetite. 

SEATING AND ACCESS: All gyms have plenty of bleacher-type seating for spectators. If you would like any special arrangements made to enable you or another spectator to attend, please contact us.

FAN CODE OF CONDUCT: There is a zero tolerance policy in effect for physical and verbal mistreatment of officials, and for violence of any kind. These behaviours will result in expulsion from the tournament facilities for the duration of the Wolves Spring Challenge. Unruly spectators will receive a warning, followed by a bench technical, then ejection. The definition of unruly behaviour will be at the discretion of the facility supervisors at each site. Thank you for understanding.

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