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Tournament Rules (Download here)

GENERAL:  All games will be played under current FIBA rules, except where noted. The roster submitted prior to the start of the tournament is the official roster. No additions will be allowed after the start of the first game.


GAME FORMAT:  All games will have four (4) 10-minute stopped time quarters. If a team leads by more than 25 points in the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter, the clock will run until the deficit becomes less than 25 points. Each game will have a minimum of 5-min for warm-up, 1-min between quarters and 3-min for halftime.


TIMEOUTS:  Each team will have two 60-sec timeouts per half. Unused timeouts will not carry-over to the second half or overtime.


SHOT CLOCK:  There will be a 24-sec shot clock for 16U and 18U, and a 30-sec shot clock for 14U. There will be a 14-sec reset in the front court. Shot clock will be kept by the on-court officials.


DEFENSE:  For 16U and 18U, all defenses are allowed. For 14U, the following rules will be observed to be consistent with the Manitoba Club Provincials:

  • Full-court person-to-person defense only.

  • No zones, zone presses or match-up defenses at any time.

  • Help or double-team defense permitted anywhere on the court.

  • No double-team on a player without the ball on an in-bound play.

  • No triple-teaming the ball.

  • No press allowed if the point differential is greater than 20 points.


FOULS:  Players foul out at 5 fouls. Two free throws are awarded on and after the 5th team foul of each quarter.



  • First Overtime – 2 minutes stopped time. One 60-sec timeout each team.

  • Second Overtime – 1 minute, stopped time. One 60-sec timeout each team.

  • Third Overtime – Winner will be the first team to score two points.


POOL PLAY TIEBREAKERS:  Teams’ records will determine pool standings. With tied records, standings will be determined as follows:    

  • First Tiebreaker – If 2 teams are tied and they played each other, the head to head victor will finish ahead in pool play. If the tied teams have not all played head to head, this tiebreaker will be ignored.

  • Second Tiebreaker – high points differential (15 points per game cap).

  • Third Tiebreaker – high points scored.

  • Fourth Tiebreaker – low points against.

  • Fifth Tiebreaker – coin flip.


HOME AND AWAY TEAMS:  HOME team is listed on the TOP on Tourney Machine and will wear LIGHT jerseys. AWAY team is listed on the BOTTOM and will wear DARK jerseys.


OFFICIAL GAME BALL:  The game basketball size will be 28.5’ (size 6) for all divisions. Teams will provide their own warm‐up balls. Game balls will be selected by the officials from the home or visiting team.


FORFEIT RULE:  A team must have 4 players to start a game. Referees will not rule on a forfeit without consulting a tournament director. There will be a 5-min grace period to reach 4 players. After the grace period a win by default will be awarded.


PLAYER, COACH AND FAN CONDUCT:  There is a zero tolerance policy in effect for physical and verbal mistreatment of officials, and for violence of any kind. These behaviours will result in expulsion from the tournament facilities for the duration of the Chaos Spring Club Kickoff. In addition, any player or coach with 2 direct technical fouls will not be allowed to continue in the tournament. Unruly spectators will receive a warning, followed by a bench technical, then ejection.

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